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R. Todd Bennett Retained Executive Search, LLC 

R. Todd Bennett Retained Executive Search, has created a unique position in the market.  Our team's unmatched broad professional experience has allowed us to deliver three high value service offerings.

Retained Executive Search:

Talent drives success. Companies rely on R. Todd Bennett’s broad experience to partner with them to identify, qualify and recruit top executives to lead their organizations.  Our successful experience leading companies coupled with our expertise qualifying and assessing talent creates a hard to beat combination when partnering with an executive search firm.

With nearly three decades in consulting and industry, we deliver much more than executive search. We offer a true CEO peer as a search partner.  With us, it is like the CEO is leading the search.  R. Todd Bennett has the ability to attract, assess and recruit executives who can deliver critical value on Day 1. Our unique value proposition combines executive experience and talent acquisition that keep our customers on the far right side of the Bell Curve. 

Retained Professional Search:

Years of success in a variety of leadership roles, both as a professional services partner in a global consultancy and as CEO of large organizations, has given us unmatched expertise in hiring at all levels.  This success has uniquely positioned us to identify and recruit professionals in the middle and upper levels of management.

Our search process offers difficult to find access to broad candidate pools, including the often hard to locate passive candidates. Our strong suit is partnering with clients to locate and recruit talent at the Manager, Director and Vice President level.  When hiring us, clients have confidence that we will put the right talent in place to deliver their business goals.

Retained Corporate Development:

Designed for hand’s on, highly involved acquisitive companies seeking to expand capabilities or capacity is the target client type we created this offering for. Utilizing the same principles of executive search in terms of identifying targets, our Corporate Development service offering creates a significant head start in building a prescriptive acquisition pipeline.

We deliver value by utilizing our industry experience and executive search tools to exhaustively map out companies that meet the strategic acquisition goals of our client while at the same minimizing transaction costs and excessive buy side fees. With R. Todd Bennett as a Corporate Development partner, clients can utilize their resources to focus on closing deals.