Identify target companies where potential candidates may be located.

Identify additional sources that may assist in candidate identification.

Map out each target to identify as large a candidates pool as possible.

Review initial candidate list and prioritize for outreach.

Continually refine candidate identification and targeting until priority candidate target list is complete.

* Our approach is like a funnel.; We identify several candidates, weed them down to about 15.  Interview approximately 10, and only present 3-4 to a client.  This approach maximizes the clients time and leads to a better finalist candidate selection.  

Gain a preliminary understanding of the need.

Finalize engagement terms.

Set timeline and status meetings.

Consult with relevant stakeholders.

Reconfirm our full understanding of the business need and strategic goals of the enterprise.

Obtain complete insight into the role to maximize the ability to “sell” the opportunity to candidates.

Finalize candidate challenges, performance expectations and candidate selection criteria.

Complete role specification.

Quality  -  Value  -  Speed

Engagement Strategy

Kick Off

Quality, Value and Speed, what more could you ask for?

Our approach is front loaded on understanding our client's business, its strategy and the key elements of the role.  This upfront effort is critical to truly understanding the need. Our secret sauce also includes fresh research for each role, we believe client's deserve a unique approach for their unique needs.  We take it as a personal challenge and duty to view each search as if it were for our own business.  With us, clients are well served.

R. Todd Bennett Retained Executive Search, LLC 


Begin continuous candidate outreach.

Conduct interviews.

Hold status calls, jointly determine candidates who move forward for client interviews.

Select finalist candidates.

Client interviews. *

Present offer.

Continuous  follow up to ensure client is satisfied with their selection.