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Quality, Value and Speed, what more could you ask for?

R. Todd Bennett Retained Executive Search, LLC 

R. Todd Bennett Retained Executive Search, LLC is a key business partner at the critical time an entity needs to add to or improve their executive team.  Our significant business experience, including successful CEO and Global Management Consulting roles make us uniquely qualified to locate, assess and recruit talent. 

Few peers can boast our mix of professional service and direct industry experience that allow us to deftly manage a complex executive search project as well as have the business acumen to assess talent from a CEO's point of view.

Because we only accept a limited number of engagements at any one time, clients get great service and most importantly, our full time and attention is squarely focused on their search until it is completed.

We pride ourselves on making contact with candidates within the first week of the search and generally commence interviews by the second week.  Many final candidates are identified in the first 20 days and hired in less than 60.

In general, candidates ignore calls and emails from recruiters.  We make multiple attempts to contact potential candidates. We use discretion and concise messaging to garner interest. Often times it is the second or third touch point that generates a candidate‚Äôs willingness to engage.  This extra effort leads to a better look at the field and a higher quality hire.

Our experience in the CEO suite has given us direct exposure to the true value of a good hire and because we must deliver to succeed, we understand the premium of client service.  We will not accept anything other than the best for our clients.

Our research process creates a tremendous ability to map the full field of candidates and drive for results.  We understand the search world and how to bring the right candidates forward. 

Because we are a boutique business with very low overhead, we can create a retained fee structure that maximizes everyone's goals.